Love Peace and Happiness

Love Peace and Happiness

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Sunday, March 15, 2009


This is Fuzzy. S/he is a Woodmonsta. It lives on the beach in a hole that it has dug. The dig a new hole every 45 days because their family expands and they need more space. They love to eat sand, rocks and palm trees. Theses animals are very rare. There are only 60 Fuzzies left in the whole universe. That is amazing haha. The one thing that the Fuzzy loves to do is to give you a great big hug. so when your feeling down go find a Fuzzy and they'll cheer you up with there happiness .


Road Runner said...

Pretty cool Green Grass and Rainbows
and digging your group name!

MrWoody said...

How cool! I love the positive nature of the Fuzzy. And living on the beach must be nice. Interesting how often they need to move.

The Unknown Seeker said...

cool woodmonsta!

twylite!!! said...

i love it.!
it just made my day :]