Love Peace and Happiness

Love Peace and Happiness

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What I want my future to be...

In About 10 Years.....

i would like my life to be very successful. i would like to get a degree in a successful career like C.E.O. otherwise i would love to be a personal trainer for someone like Daniel Carter and Taylor Launter. then i would love to move to France and start of a wonderful life with some friends. then i would like to adopt a child when they are about the age of eight. then i would want to get an Italian sports car and a Italian or french husband. then my husband and child can travel the world then go back to our mansion in Paris and open a pasta parlour. then i would like to by a holiday home in Malibu and spend the winter there and the Summer in France. then i would love to maybe then adopt another child who is very talented and can be famous. then once all my children have left home i will become someone like Hannah Montana and be a pop star but still keep my identity a secret. and then i wish to stop working at the age of 80